Mayor Adrian Perkins is now expected to interview the 3 finalists recommended for the chief of police job by the advisory committee.

The three names that have been recommended to the Mayor are Sgt. Michael Carter, Lt. Tedris Smith, and Assistant Police Chief Wayne Smith.

We do not know if Mayor Perkins will also interview acting chief Ben Raymond for the position.

The Mayor is expected to make his decision known before the next Shreveport City Council meeting, which will be on September 24th.

Could the Mayor deviate from this list of 3 finalists? He could, but he told KEEL News last month that was not likely.

These are experts and there would have to be a very crazy circumstance. The likelihood is very high that I'm going to select someone from the advisory committee's list. I'd put it in the 90 percentile. There would have to be a very odd thing for me to do something else.

KEEL News asked Councilman James Flurry if he smelled a rat in this process and he said: "oh good God do I. I know something doesn't add up here. I suspect it's a political hatchet job. Politics 101 kicked in real quick." He went on to say he thinks "there was a conspiracy of more than 3 people who didn't want Ben Raymond."

Flurry says Perkins will have difficulty getting any of the 3 names mentioned confirmed by the city council.

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