The Shreveport Fire and Police Civil Service Board meets today to certify the results of the civil service exam for police chief candidates.



Seven people have taken the test in an effort to be considered for the Chief's job. Candidates must score a 75 or better to be eligible.

Here's the list of hopefuls: Sergeant Michael Carter, Lieutenant Janice Dailey, Corporal Jason Frazier, Chief Benjamin Raymond, Lieutenant Tedris Smith, Assistant Chief of Police Wayne Smith, and Sergeant Kevin Strickland.

Mayor Adrian Perkins has set up an eight-person advisory team to review the candidates and to make a final recommendation.

Here are the members of that advisory panel:

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator

Caddo District Attorney James Stewart

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones

Civil Rights Attorney Laurie Lyons

Criminal Defense Attorney Ron Miciotto

Retired SPD Assistant Chief E.J. Lewis

Retired Police Officer and Former Crime Stoppers Director Jim Taliaferro

City Council Chairman Jerry Bowman

Mayor Perkins is looking for a candidate that is 100 percent committed to making Shreveport safer. “Public safety is my administration’s top priority,” Mayor Perkins said. “The next Police Chief must be committed to and capable of implementing community oriented policing strategies.”

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