Shreveport police and firefighters could be getting some really good news for Christmas. The Shreveport council will take a look at a proposal to raise the pay for first responders by 13%. Councilman Grayson Boucher says he has the support of John Nickelson and LeVette Fuller to amend the budget to include this pay increase for 2022. He is hoping he can win the support of the other council members to approve this pay raise.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

How Much Will the Pay Raise Cost?

It will cost about $7 million dollars and the money will come from the city's reserve fund.

The council meets tomorrow to discuss the budget.

Boucher released a statement about the election. Here is part of his social media post:

“I really think Shreveport spoke to us as leaders yesterday. Now if we will just listen. We have immediate needs that we have to address, but none as urgent as public safety. I am hopeful with the passing of the public safety bond yesterday, we can start to build the foundation that Shreveport needs to become stronger. I am grateful to our citizens for seeing the value in investing in our Fire and Police Departments. I am thankful for all my friends in the Fire and Police Departments; you are the backbone to our city! I hope this overwhelming YES vote shows each of you how grateful and appreciative Shreveport is for your service and dedication.”

Police insiders say one of the critical problems in recruiting new officers is the low pay. Shreveport is down by about 120 officers.

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