The latest hot topic in Shreveport has to do with funding for the Shreveport Urban Film Festival. The council approved a measure giving the group $10,000 in city funding to pay for expenses.

Councilman Oliver Jenkins opposed the deal, but he could only convince Michael Corbin to vote with him. The measure passed on a 4-2 vote. Jenkins told us why he so adamently opposed this idea.

Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch supported the idea and in fact put together the legislation supporting the funding. She tells KEEL News this is about supporting the arts in our community.


KEEL News has reached out to Mayor Ollie Tyler to ask if she was going to veto the funding, but so far, she has not responded to our question.  We do know the City Attorney still has to approve a fiscal agent for this group and so far, no fiscal agent has stepped up to accept the responsibility of handling the funding for the film group.

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