In a report from YouGov, we discovered what American adults consider to be their biggest phobias.

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The results weren't necessarily all that startling. In the poll of one thousand United States adult citizens, they discovered that 83% have at least one thing they feared.

Of those fears, most considered them rational, most had discussed the fear with their spouse or partner, and most of those fears truly don't interfere with their daily lives.


What Were The Overall Biggest Fears?

As mentioned above, most of the findings were somewhat predictable, but we've listed the overall Top 10 to give you a better idea.

  1. Snakes - 30% feared them most
  2. Heights - 28% fear
  3. Spiders - 24% fear
  4. Public Speaking - 23% fear
  5. Disease - 21% fear
  6. Crowded spaces - 17% fear
  7. Enclosed spaces - 17%
  8. Insects - 15%
  9. Fire - 13%
  10. Large bodies of water - 12%

Were There Any Surprises?

I did discover a couple of surprises from the overall findings.

Considering the fears listed above, one can conceivably assume that Americans are more afraid of public speaking than a fire.  One could also assume that the fear of flying is actually somewhat an anomaly in that only 2% of those polled say it was their biggest fear.

Oli Scarff - Getty/ Canava
Oli Scarff - Getty/ Canava

What If They Only Polled People In Louisiana

As the research was conducted across the entire country, the thought occurred to us that the list would look a lot different if it were only done in Louisiana.

In fact, not only would it be different, it could possibly be hysterically funny.

Keeping that in mind, take a look at how we think the findings would have looked if they just polled Louisiana folks.  It's The Things Louisiana People Say They Fear the Most!

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