You will soon be seeing lots of new Shreveport police cars rolling on the streets. And they will not look like those of old.

SPD is transitioning to black police cruisers. They have about 80 cars in the parking lot outside of Stage Works in downtown Shreveport. These Ford Interceptors are being outfitted with all the equipment needed to get them on the road. But that process takes time. TEECO does all of the outfitting for the cars and it takes about a day to do just one car. And some of the items needed are in short supply.

Shreveport is not the only city making the change. Several cities have switched from white to black cars. Others have switched to black and whites.

When auto wraps became popular, many police departments switched to white cars with custom wraps. But that is now changing back to black cars for several agencies because it is generally considered to be cheaper.

The Baltimore Sun reports that city phased out white police cars and moved to black cars. "The change was requested by officers who wanted to appear more professional in updated cars."

In Slidell, Louisiana you will see a completely new look on one police cruiser. It's pink and will roll for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Shreveport is rolling out 80 new SUV's and 40 more are on order. The older white police cruisers will be phased out as they are pulled from service.

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