It's not secret that Louisiana roadways aren't the best. Whether you are talking to someone that just drove in from out of state or to DOTD boss Shawn Wilson, they will all tell you that Louisiana roads are in poor condition. But, the real question is how bad are they?

Well, according to a new report, our local bridges are 'deficient'. According to a report from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, 8 bridges along I 20 in Shreveport Bossier are considered structurally deficient.

Erin Buchanan, spokeswoman for DOTD, says the report isn't surprising to her or the department. All the bridges mentioned in the report were built in the 60s. She says the department is well aware that the bridges are old and not in the best shape. Despite the poor grade, Buchanan says the bridges are safe for travel and motorists have nothing to worry about.

Buchanan says roadways are regularly inspected by the state and if they are open, they are safe to drive on.

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