On the heels of the latest polling results in the Shreveport Mayor's race, John Couvillon of JMC Enterprises talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about how election polling works and how reliable it really is.

Meanwhile, KEEL has obtained partial results from the latest poll in the Shreveport mayor's race. While not specifically saying that his firm was hired to do the polling, Couvillon did say, "This particular poll was concerned with the mayor's race and was asking different questions and was just asking different questions that provide a complete assessment of a candidates viability."

Those partial poll results show (as did previous polls) Mayor Ollie Tyler in the lead, with challengers Adrian Perkins and Jim Taliaferro in the second and third slots.

And these comments (via text) from political,analyst Scott Hughes, who is not a fan of election polling, describing them as "a snapshot in time:"

It's why I don't like polls. Not saying it's wrong. Could actually agree.But it's not election day. This poll would also mean half of the Republicans are backing Perkins and no one (less than 16%) is with Savage. It's data. It's Interesting. It's another poll that seems to put Tyler first and apparently, Jackson or Savage fifth. That is consistent.



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