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Literally the day after Mardi Gras ended, New Orleans announced an end to their COVID era indoor mask mandate. In fact, as of right now, the mandate as already been lifted.

New Orleans Health Department Director, Dr. Jennifer Avegno, announced during a press conference on Ash Wednesday that the city would be dropping its aggressive masking policy. They were so serious about it, they didn't set a timeframe for the next couple of weeks, they made the deadline this morning at 6am. So as of this writing, the COVID mask mandate is over in New Orleans.

However, there are still masking requirements in healthcare settings and on public transport, but some of those mandates are out of the control of the New Orleans government.

There is one COVID mandate that will remain in place until at least March 21st. That's the business vaccine mandate. People will still need to provide their vaccinated status, or proof of negative test to enter businesses in the city. But again, that will be lifted later this month.

Previously, New Orleans officials had continued to extend their mask mandate with Mardi Gras season on the horizon. Then they made the move to make sure the mandate remained in place through Mardi Gras season.

According to WDSU, 84.7% of the New Orleans population is fully vaccinated, which includes children 5-years-old to 17-years-old. Of those children, 45.4% are fully vaccinated in New Orleans.

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