For travelers looking for the best travel deals, you can go wrong in choosing Dallas or New Orleans.  Both cities are near the top of the list of the least expensive travel hot spots.

TripAdvisor puts New Orleans and Dallas in adead heat for second on the list.  Only Las Vegas has a better rating.  The Crescent City and Big D are cited for several key reasons. The TripIndex did a cost comparison of 50 key tourist cities around the world and 15 hotspots in the U.S. Based on the combined cost of one night in a four star hotel, a core food item (pizza), an alcoholic drink (a dry martini) and a taxi journey in each destination, New Orleans and Dallas are nearly identical in price.  Tourism experts say as Americans continue their belt-tightening, the ranking could be a very good thing for New Orleans and Dallas. One of the reasons the Crescent City is a great value is the accessibility.  The fact that you don't have to get in a cab to go everywhere. The public transportation system is great and cheap....the streetcar, for example is only $1.25.