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There's no denying that Louisiana is one of the most unique places in the world. Unlike the rest of the United States who bases their laws on 'common law', Louisiana law is actually based on Napoleonic Code. Weird, right? But, it doesn't just stop there. We have parishes instead of counties. We have frog festivals, strange appetites, we bury people above ground, we have largest population of alligators in the nation...the list of strange facts is nearly endless.

And, because of our uniqueness, Louisiana is a hot spot for tourists. From the food to the history to just the adult paradise that is New Orleans, people from across the globe travel to our strange little state to get a taste of something they can't get anywhere else in the universe.

However, that uniqueness, comes with its own set of problems. Namely, that outsiders that flock to Louisiana can't properly pronounce most of our names. They butcher EVERYTHING - street names, city names, people's names, restaurant names, etc.. Part of me always feels bad for laughing at them...because they're trying their best. They just can't ever quite get it right. And it's not their faults...we're just a strange, strange place and don't pronounce anything like you would in the rest of the country.

Case and point, here's a list of city and street names tourists always screw up.

Hard to Pronounce Louisiana City & Street Names

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