We know The Inquisitor newspaper has been purchased by local blogger John Settle. He takes over the paper with this weeks edition. But he's looking for a new name for the publication.


Settle is offering a $500 cash prize to the person who comes up with the new name for the paper.

Settle is also pledging more coverage of local events and he's working to expand coverage of organizations and businesses across the region. He adds that crime and breaking news stories will continue, as will political coverage.

Settle says:

A new name will reflect the new focus. And while "bad stuff" is always news, so are positive events in this four parish area. The goal will be to have a more balanced paper that will attract more readers.

So…readers who need some early Christmas money, here is your chance! Send in suggestions for a new name. The Inquisitor Team will have sole discretion in the name selection---and there may be a poll of the top 5 choices.

Settle is promising $500 to the winning choice. Send your suggestions to


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