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The NCAA has decided to boot a National Anthem singer from the baseball College World Series because of a simple hand gesture. No, and not that hand gesture. That's the gesture Texas' Softball Coach Mike White made with one finger to umpires and fans when Texas lost in the Big 12 tournament.

That Texas coach? Not suspended. Allowed to keep coaching his team through the NCAA Softball Tournament all the way to the final game against Oklahoma.

However the singer of the National Anthem at one of those softball games Mike White was still allowed to coach will be punished for a hand gesture. But a much, much, MUCH, less offensive hand gesture.

Zac Collier sings the National Anthem at sporting events all over the place. He's also a Texas A&M fan. Which means, by default, he's not a Texas fan. So when Collier wrapped up the National Anthem before the Texas/Oklahoma game, he threw up a "horns down". You know, they very chill fan gesture that Texas opponents use all of the time? Check the video here...

So after this, Collier was set to sing the National Anthem before Game 9 of the baseball College World Series. But someone from Texas (could have been Softball Coach Mike White) must have run crying to the NCAA about Collier, because he was told he's being "canceled".

Collier posted screenshots of the emails he got from the NCAA onto his social media. The screenshots show emails that read:

"Due to the unsportsmanlike behavior shown after your performance at the Women's CWS, we need to go a different direction. You are no longer scheduled to perform at the Men's CWS."

That came from the Senior Project Coordinator in Omaha, whose name was redacted by Collier in the post. When Collier asked the same Coordinator what they meant by "unsportsmanlike behavior" they responded with a quote from this NCAA:

"We have documented proof that he made offensive gestures and made a mockery of a participating team in the Women's CWS and we do not feel comfortable with him performing there."

So we're all on the same page: flip off umpires and fans, face no repercussion from the NCAA...if you're a Texas coach. But if you do something "anti-Texas", consider yourself canceled. Got it.

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