I've had a couple of good weeks at the poker table in the area. Don't get me wrong, I've had my share of disappointments, but in the grand scheme of things, March is off to a great start for me.


It began on March 1st at the Women's Poker Association event at Horseshoe Casino. I made the final table and cashed in on a piece of the prize. And on March 8th at El Dorado, I make the final table at the Sunday afternoon tourney and walk away with more than $400 dollars.

But my biggest win ever came Monday night March 9th when I fought for several hours to hold on to chips. I did catch a couple of lucky breaks, but my play is getting better. Patience is one thing I've been working on and it paid off. Again I make it to the final table and when we got down to 7 people, we all agreed on a chop of the prize pool.

I walked away with more than $3,000 dollars!! I was getting giddy when the final 10 were talking about a chop that would net us all $1700 dollars. Imagine the grin on my face when I realized I just won 3 grand.

It was a fun night and I'm glad I now have my poker stake that should keep me well funded for the rest of the year.



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