The action begins this Thursday, January 14th, at 7:11 PM.

Last month we wrote about the incredible slate of home games for the Mudbugs in January. Turns out, it was even more games than we had thought. The Mudbugs appeared to have seven home games scheduled for the month of January, but that's because someone, *definitely me*, not not read the schedule correctly. Due to COVID-19, the New Mexico Ice Wolves have to play their "home" games in away stadiums.

After correcting that error, we can now look forward to EIGHT home games this month. The Bugs have already played two of those, defeating Wichita Falls in both home games last weekend.

Now, a three-game home-stretch against the New Mexico Ice Wolves will begin this Thursday night, and to cap it off, a single game on Monday afternoon against Wichita Falls.

The Bugs will play the Ice Wolves on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. All three of those home games will begin at the normal time of 7:11 PM. They'll get one day off before Wichita Falls comes back to town for a rare 3:11 PM start at George's Pond Monday afternoon.

In a world where events like this are few and far between, to say the least, it's nice to have such an awesome organization doing whatever it takes to play hockey in front of adoring fans. The Bugs will continue to allow their standard 1,550 socially-distanced fans for these games. Make sure you grab your tickets while you can!

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