You might be surprised to learn what chain is the most popular grocery store in Louisiana. In fact, it depends on what numbers you look at to find the favorite store in the Bayou State.

In a report from The Takeout, foot traffic was measured at grocery stores throughout the state and that was the primary factor in naming the top grocery store chain in the state. The report says foot traffic in grocery stores is up nearly 3% from a year ago.

In Louisiana, Winn Dixie wins on this front. That's pretty surprising since there are no Winn Dixie stores in the Shreveport Bossier area. In fact, Winn Dixie stores are concentrated in southeast Louisiana.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In this report from The Takeout, HEB is the winning grocery store in Texas.

But if you look at a different set of numbers, you get different results on the most popular grocery store.

Most Popular Grocery Stores Based on Reviews and Web Searches

If you look at a different set of numbers from 24/7 Tempo, you will find different names on the list of popular grocery stores. Publix, Hy-Vee, and Safeway are some of the most popular in many states.

This data was put together based on positive Yelp reviews and Google searches.

This list puts Rouses as the top grocery store in Louisiana with Kroger as #1 in Texas.

Ironically, Shreveport Bossier residents also don't get to experience the love shown for Rouses. The are concentrated in south Louisiana.

Google Maps
Google Maps


What's the Most Popular Grocery Store in U.S.?



The numbers show Kroger is at the top of the list in 8 states while Hy-Vee is #1 in 6 states. Costco and Walmart weren’t included in the ranking because they sell far more than just groceries.

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