Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler has unveiled her budget for 2018. The total operating budget is $491.4 million.

The Mayor says “we remain resolved to continue to improve city services and create a better and enhanced quality of life for our citizens and visitors. While the city has been challenged with a stagnant economy, this budget creates opportunities for greater efficiencies while maintaining a high level of operations,”

The Mayor is also proposing pay raises for many city workers.

“One of the goals of this budget is the retention and recruitment of talented employees. The budget also contains funding for the necessary resources that are essential for employees to perform their jobs in an effective manner.”

Here are some of the highlights of the budget released by the Mayor's Office:

  • All classified and unclassified employees who earn less than $75,000 will receive a 5 percent pay raise which is a $1.7 million annual investment.
  • All police and fire civil service employees will receive a 2 percent longevity increase and an additional 3 percent raise on their base pay, which totals a 5 percent increase; for a $2.9 million annual investment.
  • In working to create more solvent retirement systems, the City will pay $831,800 in additional pension costs.
  • This budget contains $1 million for new Police Patrol vehicles and this investment marks more than $6 million in new Police vehicles since 2016.
  • This budget contains $1 million for a new and much needed 107-foot aerial ladder truck for the Fire Department.
  • Water and sewer repairs, in accordance with the Federal Government’s Consent Decree, will continue in 2018, with approximately $200 million in projects underway or expected to ramp up next year.
  • The Streets Special Revenue fund remains intact, with “0” dollars being transferred to the General Fund in 2018. This will provide $8.3 million in continued street repairs throughout the city.

You can take a look at the full budget proposal right here.


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