We have been advised to stand down assisting with the Trump motorcade Thursday. LSP will be taking over. The Mayor has advised he does not want SPD or SFD involved.

McCarty had several other sources that seemingly confirmed those allegations. Following the release of this information, Councilman John Nickelson, with support of Councilmen Boucher and Flurry, sent the following letter to the Mayor:


However, while this letter was being sent, Ben Riggs, Communications Director for the Mayor, sent the following statement from Mayor Perkins to KEEL News:


Then, in response to all the negative feedback and the letter from the Council, Mayor Perkins issued his own letter further elaborating on his previous statement:

AP 2

So, now the question is this: did the Mayor change his stance on the situation? Was the information sent earlier today a misunderstanding of the Mayor's directives? Or was misinformation intentionally leaked for political purpose to make the Mayor look bad?

Truth is we'll probably never know the whole story. But it does appear that the Mayor and City of Shreveport will be providing help and personnel to assist with President Trump's visit to the area. The City also provided resources to assist the City of Monroe with Trump's visit there last week.

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