KEEL News has learned Shreveport Police and Firefighters have been told not to assist with the Presidential visit in Bossier City tomorrow.

This is a text from a Shreveport Police Supervisor to officers:

We have been advised to stand down assisting with the Trump motorcade Thursday. LSP will be taking over. The Mayor has advised he does not want SPD or SFD involved.


Several sources have told us local first responders were involved in planning meetings to prepare for Donald Trump's rally at the CenturyLink Center.
Police officers were scheduled to help with traffic control and the fire department bomb squad was expected to be used as well.

We did receive this statement from Mayor Perkins. It is unclear if this was his original order or if he has changed his plans.

Please understand that the President is not coming to Shreveport. His campaign is flying into Barksdale Air Force Base and the rally will be held at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City. While the City of Shreveport is constrained by city ordinances that prohibit city property from being used for political purposes, the city is providing first responders and intends to follow all local, state and federal laws as it relates to this matter.

Shreveport's bomb squad from the fire department was actually sent to the Monroe Trump rally last week.

Local residents are responding to the accusations with outrage. One says "this is hypocritical for a combat veteran, a West Point Grad, to deny services to the Commander in Chief."

Sheriff Steve Prator tells KEEL News "I didn't like Clinton. I was Chief of Police and we protected him. I actually gave him a business card and asked for Weed and Seed Grant money. He had someone call me and we got several million dollars."

State Representative Dodie Horton says "we are shocked an appalled that Mayor Perkins has displayed such a lack of respect for the office of the Presidency. Civility doesn't exist in the Shreveport Mayor's Administration."

If you are unhappy about this decision, contact the Mayor's Office at 673-5050 and let them know how you feel.

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