Today is a big day for our state. Louisiana enters Phase One of the road back. The Governor's stay-at-home order has been lifted and more businesses can reopen today.

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But strict capacity limits and social distancing rules remain in place. Businesses will also have to take extra precautions to keep things clean and workers will have to wear masks if they come in contact with the public.

This change does not open the floodgates for everything. The Governor's latest order says residents should still stay at home as much as possible to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. The Governor also adds if you are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, you should remain at home unless you have to go out for essential activities like medical care or for food.

The Governor says:

Thanks to the hard work of the people of Louisiana under the Stay at Home order, we have seen declining new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. This, coupled with increased testing and contact tracing capacity, is what is allowing us to move to Phase One on Friday. This is not mission accomplished or a victory against COVID-19, but it is a positive and hopeful move for Louisiana.

Click here to read the new order from Governor John Bel Edwards.


Restaurants, hair salons, health clubs, casinos and many other businesses have been gearing up for weeks to get back up and going and now it's time to open the doors. But casinos won't reopen until Monday.


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