Caddo Parish leaders are proposing a mandatory sterilization program for stray animals. Caddo Commissioners have introduced a measure the require spaying and neutering for all breeds of dogs and cats. This ordinance would not involve your pet. Commissioner Mario Chavez says “We’re not going to come get your pets.” This will be for stray dogs and cats and those surrendered to the animal shelter.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

There was some discussion about a mandatory sterilization ordinance for all pit bulls, including pets. That was introduced by Commissioner John-Paul Young. He says we must do something to control the numbers of strays in our community. But Commissioner Stormy Gage Watts told her colleagues she did not want to single out one specific breed and wants the ordinance to include all dogs and cats.

The panel voted 6 to 3 to include the measure on Thursday’s regular meeting agenda. It does have to layover until the December 9 meeting before a final vote can be taken.

Local animal activist Charlotte Ballard says:

I’ve been begging these people to do this for 20 years!! I am thrilled they’re finally doing something but I am extremely frustrated because it’s taken SOOOOO LONG!! Look at all the thousands of animals that have died because of you all dragging your feet!

The Commission will give time for residents to speak out about this issue during its next couple of meetings.

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