A measure requiring mandatory spay and neutering of dogs and cats in Caddo Parish wins approval on first reading by the Caddo Commission. A final vote is now set for December 9.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty


What Breeds Are Included?

This measure will now include all breeds of cats and dogs. Originally, it was intended for pit bulls. That breed is easily the most euthanized animal at the local shelter.

Commissioners say the goal is to cut down the animal population. But there has been lots of talk about whether or not this includes your house pet. Commissioners say they will not be going door to door to check to see if your pet is neutered. But as Commissioner Mario Chavez told KEEL News, if your pet gets out and is a nuisance which requires animal control to respond and seize the animal, that pet would be subject to neutering or spaying.

Some Changes Might Be Made to the Ordinance

Commissioner John Atkins is planning to make a few changes to the ordinance to make sure responsible pet owners are not punished if their pet accidentally gets loose. But that will apply only if your pet has the proper tags on or is microchipped.

This change is being praised by animal rights groups.

Local animal rescue groups applauded the legislation. They say this action will be a game changer for animals in our community. It will help control the growing population of stray dogs and cats.

Will This Apply in Shreveport?

You should know this ordinance does include all of Caddo Parish including the city limits of Shreveport because Caddo Animal Control also covers homes and property inside the city limits and not just the property outside the city in the parish.

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