A new drug that causes bizarre behavior - including hallucinations - may be what caused a Florida man to go crazy and eat off another man's face.

And, Louisiana Poison Control Director Mark Ryan says, though it's known by a variety of names, it's most commonly called "bath salts.""
And, it's something you don't want to mess with.
Dr. Ryan, whose office is at L.S.U.-Shreveport, says the "Zombie" story has fueled public concern over this dangerous drug, that is also marketed under other names, including "glass cleaner" and "insect repellant."
He says that's the way the illegal schedule one drug is deceptively sold. A red flag should alert you when you see "not for human consumption" on the label, Dr. Ryan said.
He says if you see this on the label, you don't want to consume it.
"Bath salts" creates bizarre behavior, like exhibited by the man in Florida, who over Memorial Day weekend, went "rabid" and began eating off a man's. Police had to shoot and kill the guy and the injured man was taken to the hospital with critical injuries.
If you see any of these products, whether they're called "Pump it Powder," "Purple Incense," or "Aromatic Sashay," and it says not for human consumption, there's something in it you don't want to be around, and people who use it, know what it is, Dr. Ryan said.
The active chemical in it is called cathinone, which is a schedule one illegal drug.
There's a law that says if you make a substance that's based off cathinone, and change it's molecular structure just a bit, and use it for humans, it's automatically schedule one, according to Dr. Ryan.
"We know what cathinone does. It's a schedule one substance here in the United States, meaning it has abuse potential. It has no medicinal value, meaning we don't use it for anything."
Parents should understand that when their teenagers are talking about "bath salts," they're not describing something you put in your bath tub. Instead, they're talking in code about a dangerous illegal high.http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/31/tagblogsfindlawcom2012-blotter-idUS282502007420120531
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