The kickoff of the 2019 college football season is just a couple of weeks away! Ed Orgeron's LSU Tigers go into the year with high hops, mostly depending on the performance of returning QB Joe Burrow. And, once again, the majority of of the game's expert observers think that Alabama's Crimson Tide and defending champ Clemson will be battling for the number one spot.

Bet there does seem to be something that most of the nation's top teams have in common: Games against cupcake teams. They all have them. The Tigers, the Tide, all the top teams. But who has the most? Or, to be more specific, who has the most cupcake games, LSU or Alabama? Let's take a look!

LSU "Definite Cupcake" Games:

August 31 Georgia Southern

September 14 Northwestern State

The Tigers only other out of conference game is against Utah State. The Aggies were 11-2 last year, so they could be considered "cupcake," and no SEC contest can ever be taken for granted.

Alabama "Definite Cupcake" Games:

September 7 New Mexico State

November 23 Western Carolina

Sorry, Tigers fans. The Duke program is turning around (2018 Indy Bowl) and Southern Miss - despite a really weak schedule - just doesn't qualify.

So, it's all up to you! You vote! You make the decision! Which of the two - LSU Tigers or Alabama's Crimson Tide - has the weaker schedule?

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