Every day, it seems, it's something else. Another day, another Biden administration attack on the freedoms of Americans.

In the past few days alone, the Bidenistas have ramped up their call for "court packing," i.e., their plan to add four new (leftist) members to the Supreme Court. Elsewhere, despite court rulings against them, the President seems ready to use federal law enforcement to impose his vaccine mandate. And, in the face of higher and higher energy prices, Biden announced plans to release 50,000,000 barrels of oil from our national reserve, only to discover that 30,000,000 of those were going to China and India.

And yet, some - many - Americans believe that this is just another political cycle, that sooner or later things will return to normal, because, in the end, no one can destroy America.

But many, including US Senator from Louisiana John Kennedy, disagree. More than once, the state's junior Senator has sounded the alarm against the radically left leanings of the White House, who have promised to "transform America."

"People who voted for President Biden thought they were getting the second coming of Barack Obama," Kennedy begins, "Instead, they're getting the second cousin of Bernie Sanders.

"You have a lot of members of the Biden administration...who want us to give them our money and in return they will give us their contempt.

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"They're globalists. They're not Americans. They feel contempt for American when they should feel gratitude. They're attitude seems to be, I was born in America, but I'm trying to overcome it. And that's what we're fighting back against every single day.

"America will survive and prosper if we remember who we are. But if we forget who we are as Americans...we won't"

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