Assuming that you're an honest fellow (or female), politics is definitely not a way to get rich in Louisiana. For example, did you know that a member of the state House of Representatives receives a base salary of only $16,800 a year?

Now, add to that a number of expenses, allowances and reimbursements allowed by law (and there are quite a few), and the top paid House member in the state in 2021 still only took home what would be called "a solid five figures."

Are They Paid Too Much, or Too Little?

However there are a few who feel that Louisiana's lawmakers are overpaid for what many call a part-time job. Last year, for example, here's what The Advocate had to say:

"...being a legislator is a part-time job that is supposed to pay $16,800 per year plus $161 per diem (every day when in session), which adds roughly $12,000 if they complete their work during the regular annual session."

But the other side can make the point that House members salaries haven't been raised in more than 40 years - 1980 to be precise - while expenses have increased dramatically.

And Paid for What, Exactly?

Louisiana taxpayers shell out more than $6 million annually to these state reps, whose total take-home money depends on a number of factors, including travel to and from Baton Rouge, housing and meals away from home, the number of days spent in the capitol on state business (not only when in-session) and travel, both in and out of Louisiana.

These numbers were provided by the Clerk of the State House.

You can scroll down to the bottom of our Top 20 list to see how much every member of the state House makes.

So, whether you think they get too much, too little, or a fair wage, here they are: The Top 20 State Representatives who got the most in 2021.

Louisiana's 20 Highest Paid State Representatives

Here are the state reps who received the most for their jobs in 2021.

The Salaries of All House Members in Louisiana

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attachment-House Salaries 5
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