If you had to list the states that have produced the most Presidents - or even Presidential candidates, how would you answer? It would be hard to go wrong with Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio and New York. Those four states have produced half of the Presidents in US history and dozens of candidates on top of that.

But what about Louisiana? The Pelican State can claim one President, Zachary Taylor, as its own. The twelfth President, though born in Virginia, was a Louisiana resident, owning a plantation near Baton Rouge when he sought the Oval Office in 1848.

But what about Presidential candidates? Are there any Louisianans who sought our nation's highest office and failed? Well, though we have markedly fewer than the states previously mentioned, we do have a number of famous - and infamous - men who made their mark on history by seeking residence in the White House.

Louisianans Who Ran for President


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