Last week, a man was pulled over on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge doing 90 miles per hour, and was let go without a ticket. The person in question turned out to be State Police Col. Lamar Davis.

Following the announcement of a crackdown on speeding over the 18-mile bridge, the State Police Col. was in clear violation of the speed limit when he was stopped by another State Trooper.

WBRZ Baton Rouge was able to obtain dash cam footage of the stop. The State Trooper can be seen approaching the offending vehicle, and upon seeing his boss exclaimed, "Well, I'll be!"

After the Trooper says this, the audio to the feed cuts-off. After speaking for a short while with Davis, the two shake-hands, and the State Police Col. is let go with a warning.

The stop happened on June 28th on I-10 W just as the Basin Bridge begins west of Ramah in Iberville Parish around 11am.

According to sources, the penalties for drivers going 30+ miles per hour over the speed limit are fairly hefty, and could (in some cases) result in your license being taken away.

A statement from State Police to WBRZ Baton Rouge:

"Colonel Davis was stopped for a traffic violation on June 28th, 2022 while traveling west on Interstate 10 in the Troop A area.  The Trooper utilized his discretion and did not issue a citation."

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