Confession, I just finished paying off my speeding ticket to the city of Waskom, Texas. I keep telling my fiance that I am just contributing to keeping the city clean. Seriously, I feel like my 4Runner makes me speed up, I would like to blame my vehicle on the speeding ticket and see how it holds up in municipal court.

A study from Insurify looked at different car models, and the speeding violations attached to the vehicles. Insurify was able to easily get the information because they are a website that compares car insurance quotes. We are talking in the 2.5 million range.

Turns out the Subaru commercials need to take dogs out and substitute them with a NASCAR driver. The Subaru WRX led the pack coming in first, Rickey Bobby "Talladega Nights" style, followed by the Volkswagen GTI, and the Subaru Impreza. Dodge/RAM had 4 out of the top 10 cars for speedy drivers. Check out the complete list below.


Here are the top 10 cars for people who speed

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