Traveling to Baton Rouge or New Orleans Soon? Lay Off the Gas Pedal.

Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill, SB 435 into law that takes effect on August 1st, 2022. This bill will have a huge impact on several drivers in Louisiana. Simply put this bill that will factor driving time into speeding tickets for violators traveling on the Interstate 10 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

How Can This Bill Affect Us in the Ark-La-Tex?

If you travel often or maybe you plan to head to Baton Rouge to watch the Tigers play you better slow down. Maybe you travel to New Orleans often, but once again, don't speed. The cameras will catch you if you speed.

This law will allow the use of cameras to support issuing a ticket. Why is this concerning for those of us who plan to travel through Louisiana? There is one of those magical cameras on Interstate 10 on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. Yes, that bridge most of us use to get from Shreveport to New Orleans.

These Cameras Are Working From One Side of the Bridge to the Other Side.

The use of these cameras can tell how fast it takes a vehicle to get from one end of the bridge to the other end. Drivers who cross the bridge in less than 18 minutes can receive a speeding ticket in the mail. So basically keep it under 19 minutes, or refuse to speed on the bridge.

Will This Law Open the Door For Speeding Cameras on 220?

We sure hope we don't see cameras like this on 220 or I-49.

Via Google maps
Via Google maps

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