The Louisiana Senate is again advancing legislation to prohibit both government and privately-owned drones from spying on private property.

The bill, SB 330, or the Deterrence of Reconnaissance Over Noncriminal Entities (DRONE) Act, was reengrossed by its author, Sen. Dan Claitor (R).

The bill seeks to make it a crime for unmanned aircraft to capture images and wireless data over private property. It failed Monday, April 21, but advanced after a 22-16 vote in the Louisiana Senate.

Claitor told The Times-Picayune: "I think the government should stay out of my backyard without probable cause or a search warrant."

There are exceptions in the bill, including during emergencies and filming associated with movies and television. As small unmanned aircraft become more sophisticated and less expensive, the possibility for an individual to conduct what amounts to hi-tech stalking is real.

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