If you have ever had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, of shopping at a Rouses Market then you already know that customer service through hard work and innovation is what they are all about. The Louisiana based grocery store chain simply does things their own way. And by "own way", I mean they do not follow other grocery store trends, they are setting the curve.

Yesterday Rouses Markets announced they plan to start testing unmanned grocery delivery via drone sometime this fall. According to reports, this could mean your Rouses Grocery order could be placed and at your home in less than an hour.

CEO Donnie Rouse said the testing would begin in Mobile, Alabama later this year. The program is being done through a partnership with Deuce Drone. And, should the test results turn out positive you could be seeing flying groceries all over the Rouses service area.

Which, by the way, that service area includes 64 stores in the Gulf South with stores operating in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Rouses hopes the advent of the new technology will save customers time and money and reduce traffic on the roads.

An exact start date for the testing or when the program will be made available to shoppers has yet to be announced. But we'll be sure to let you know when you can start casting your eyes skyward to say, "It's a bird, It's a plane, No, it's my boiled crawfish and andouille from Rouses."


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