SHREVEPORT, LA - School zone speed cameras are in the spotlight in Baton Rouge. A bill to make some changes is close to final passage. SB 302 changes how speed zone cameras are used across the state of Louisiana.
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Senator Stewart Cathey Jr.
Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Here's What the Law Will Change:
"Proposed law prohibits use of handheld or manned devices in school zones for the purpose of issuing a citation by mail except during certain hours before and after school on days children are in school.

Big Change on Who Gets the Money from Tickets

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This measure also calls for strict requirements on when handheld or manned, automated speed enforcement devices or mobile speed cameras may be used by local municipal authorities or local parish authorities.
This bill also says "the use of handheld or manned devices for the purpose of issuing a citation violation by mail will not result in a criminal penalty or fine."
This measure would also not let cities or private companies report you to the credit bureau if you fail to pay the ticket.
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Senator Alan Seabaugh tells KEEL News says this bill is a "really good restriction on school zone cameras. There would have to be a cooperative endeavor agreement between the school and the city and they would have to split the money with the school board. This bill also regulates cameras on highways. They could not be put within a half mile of a change of speed. Seabaugh says this bill is going to pass.

What Changes with the Money Generated by these Tickets?

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

What Does Mayor Tom Arceneaux Say About This Proposed Change?

Arceneaux tells KEEL News:

"The City of Shreveport believes its system is fair and even-handed, and that this bill is not necessary. The city will adjust its school zone protection program as needed should the bill or something similar to it pass and be signed into law."

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