All you have to do, is drive around Shreveport for a short while, to realize that the roads here are not in the best shape. For on reason or another, fixing the roads always falls to the wayside in this state.

And while discount tire outlets are making a killing in Louisiana, everyone else is suffering. ConsumerAffairs conducted a study to find the worst roads in the U.S. and sure enough. Louisiana was # 2. Check the full study in the link above, and look at the stats, below.

How do we know Louisiana ranks in the top 10 for worst road conditions?
To determine which states have the best or worst roads, we calculated how much each state spends per mile of road, looked at the number of motor crash fatalities in each state, factored in the percentage of total capital spending toward roadway expansion and repair and surveyed 1,418 consumers across the U.S. about road conditions near them.
Some highlights from the article:
  • Louisiana spends about $39 per mile of road
  • Louisiana roads in poor condition: 25%
  • Louisiana roads in good condition: 35%
What Louisiana residents are saying:
  • In Baton Rouge: “Potholes, bumps, dips on almost every road!”
  • In New Orleans: “Flooding and potholes everywhere!”
  • In Metairie: “Poor construction, multiple potholes — this city's streets wreck your car!”

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