A proposal to allow for your pet’s remains to be buried with you is about to be considered by the Louisiana House of Representatives Commerce Committee Tuesday. The bill's sponsor, Republican Wayne McMahen of Minden, said the purpose of his bill is to make it not illegal to bury a pet in a human cemetery.

Standing Louisiana law defines a cemetery as a place for the burial of human remains.

The Brainchild of a State Rep and Retired Vet

In an interview with Louisiana Radio Network, McMahen, a retired veterinarian, said, “If the cemeteries agree and can come up with some rules and guidelines that work for them, it would be possible to bury your pet in the same area that you would be buried yourself."

But the McMahen proposal also includes an interesting twist. “This prohibits a pet owner from euthanizing a pet when there’s no medical need for the purpose of interring the pet with the owner at the owner’s death,” he said.

The bill would also allow for pet remains to be buried prior, during, or after the interment of their human owner, but that they must be placed in a grave, vault or crypt.

'Pets are Part of the Family,' He Says

The District 10 rep added that after serving as a veterinarian for 40 years, he understands that pets are considered part of the family now and many individuals find comfort having like have their four-legged friend buried with them.

McMahen adds that of the all bills he has brought to the floor in his four years in the House, he’s received the greatest response on this one. And he says that his HB 833 has been met with overwhelmingly positive response.

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