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During this year's Louisiana Legislative Session, the debate involving a bill on domestic violence nearly led to violence inside the capitol. Louisiana State Representative Alan Seabaugh says that during dialog over a bill in Baton Rouge, fellow State Representative Malinda White threatened to shoot him.

Seabaugh told KEEL News:

"This is exactly what I said, I said, 'I understand you're not a lawyer and you may not get the difference.' That's all I said and she absolutely went nuts. She stood up and she grabbed my arm, and she said, 'I'm gonna go get my gun and finish this,' or, 'Let me go get my gun and finish this.' Something to that effect."

After the altercation, Seabaugh asked the Louisiana State Police to investigate the case. White did tell reporters that she became "triggered" by the debate with Seabaugh.

Now in the middle of the fallout from the accusations of threatening behavior at the Capitol, White has announced that she will be leaving her party.

This comes ahead of the upcoming "veto session" the Louisiana Legislature will likely be holding later this month. Some are positioning the move from White as a maneuver tied to that historic "veto session" and not the threat accusation. White herself told The Advocate:

“This decision came after many years of consideration for the people I represent. It was not a snap decision but one I have struggled with for a while.”

Again, with no mention of the threat issue from White, or The Advocate, in their coverage of her change.

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