Louisiana's Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns talks about the latest option for the transfer of the state gaming license for the defunct Diamond Jack's property, one that would avoid forcing owner Peninsula Pacific to reopen the casino.

More Frustration, Then a Fix

Johns at first expressed his frustration at the situation, but then pivoted to a more positive tone, explaining the possibility of a solution. "To be honest with you, the Diamond Jack's property has been one of the more difficult (problems) I've had to deal with...but I think we're finally coming to a resolve.

"Diamond Jacks, Peninsula, appeared before the board with a petition to enter into negotiations with another gaming company...Foundation Gaming, they're out of Mississippi...and they actually come highly recommended."

Here's everything Johns told KEEL about the possible deal:

The Old Owners Get One Last Chance...Again

Johns then explains why the board gave the Diamond Jack's owners another - and they say will be their last - extension. "The board had two choices," he says, "Give them the 60-day period to finalize the negotiation of the sale of the property...they sell the property and the license can be transferred to the new owner.
"if the negotiation fails, we're going to start the process to make them surrender the license."

So, explaining a reversal from previous board demands that Diamond Jack's be reopened before a sale would be approved, Johns says, "And that's exactly where we're headed. The stipulation will be that (Foundation Gaming) will reopen the Bossier property."

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