SHREVEPORT, LA - When we talk about food in Louisiana, there's so much to choose from. We have all the great Cajun and Creole dishes. And of course, we have great southern favorites from red beans and rice to mashed potatoes and gravy and collard greens.

The list of the top comfort food for each state was compiled by the website Mashed which follows everything in the food world. On the Mashed site, you can find all the latest trends going on in the food world.


Some of my co-workers say fried chicken, catfish and even a fried bologna sandwich makes them happy. But those are not the number 1 item in the state.

In Texas, the top comfort food is chili con carne. In Arkansas, they pick chicken and dumplings. The po-boy is the favorite in Mississippi.


What's the Favorite Comfort Food in Louisiana?

I don't think I could make this decision. We love crawfish in the Bayou State, but we also love gumbo. Fried chicken and smothered pork chops also make us feel happy. But the number 1 comfort food in Louisiana, according to Mashed, is Jambalaya. It's a rice dish made with many other ingredients from shrimp to sausage and chicken. It is very filling and quite tasty. Some folks like it with a little kick.

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