Louisiana's Superintendent of Education, Dr. Cade Brumley, was in Shreveport Thursday to visit a number of schools in the Shreveport and Bossier City area. Before starting his rounds, Dr. Brumley joined KEEL for an in-studio visit covering a number of current topics.

Goals for Schools in 2022

A major part of the discussion concerned the Superintendent's plan for Louisiana schools for 2022, specifically the areas he's targeting in the first part of the year.

"Outside of COVID, outside of making sure our kids are in school, we are working on the adoption of a new set of social studies standards," Brumley begins, "In Louisiana, standards in content areas, whether it's English, math, science or social studies are supposed to be reviewed and revised every seven years. The Louisiana social studies standards are about four years overdue."

Then Brumley, who's been on the job since last June, explains the controversial nature of any update. "It's hard. People are passionate about this. Even so, we've decided to take this on. We are working our way through the process and as a former social studies teacher, this is really important for me."

The Superintendent's Thoughts on CRT

And when it comes to another controversy, the teaching of Critical Race Theory, Brumley doesn't mince words. "The fight is already here," he says, "It's a fight in our state. It's a fight across the nation. I've been pretty clear - in public - that I would not put forth any standard that contained any element of CRT. I would also be very mindful to make sure that there could not be a standard that could open up a door for that in our schools."

Here is everything Dr. Brumley said about his goals for the state's schools in the coming year, including solving teacher shortages and "reimagining the way (Louisiana) high schools operate."

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