The number, I figure, is pretty close to being right. 48 weeks a year (four weeks a year subtracted for vacation) times 5 days a week times 25 years. That's 6,000 radio shows. That's the number of mornings Erin McCarty and I have spent in a radio studio together since our first day on-the-air on August 12, 1996 on The Big Dog 94.5 (as it was known then).

And even though I'm not much of a sentimentalist, today's anniversary show on 101.7 / 710 KEEL marking our silver anniversary was very special.

There were proclamations from Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, the State Senate, Mayors Adrian Perkins and Tommy Chandler and more, plus a parade of area leaders and celebrities, all with deeply appreciated congratulations.

But for me, one was a little extra special. And it came from Congressman Mike Johnson.

"I didn't want to miss this one, such a huge landmark," Mr. Mike began, "I'm a big fan of the show...I listen on the app when I'm traveling and you guys do an awesome job."

The Congressman, who racks up thousands of air miles getting back to Bossier City from D.C. almost every weekend, continued. "(Your show) allows me to stay connected back home to things happening in the district. Nobody does that better than you guys do."

Kind words, for sure. But then Congressman came with the compliment that, even after nearly a half century in radio, froze me in my chair.

"There is real power in local radio, especially when it's combined with extraordinary on-air talent and production and that's what you guys bring every day," said Johnson, a former talk host, himself. "This show could be on prime time in any major media market in the country. I've been in and on all those markets over the years and I know what I'm talking about. You guys are too big for Louisiana but I'm really glad you stayed home for 25 years."

25 years. 6,000 shows. And someone you highly respect says that you can stand up against the best.

Thanks again to Mr. Mike and everyone. It was certainly the kind of day that makes you want to do 6,000 more!

Here's everything the Congressman had to say to on KEEL:

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