Do you believe in ghosts? Unless you're reading this out loud, you can be honest with you believe in ghosts?

Its not a trick question, yet people are usually a little cautious when they answer. Of course there are people who quickly answer "yes" and tell you about the mist in their house that turns the lights on in their laundry room. But the largest group of people who do believe in ghosts may actually hesitate to say they do.

Sometimes it is odd to have people tell you that they absolutely do not believe in ghosts, but at the same time follow religious teachings that include belief in ghosts of some nature. It becomes a really tough conversation.

Recently, a highly trusted national research company looked into the beliefs of Americans, including whether of not they believe in ghosts. RealClear Opinion Research found that 61.4% of Americans say they believe in ghosts. That's 6 out of every 10 Americans.

In addition to the ghost belief question, research shows 56.9% of Americans said they believe in aliens, 54.2% say the same about witches, and 70.3% say they believe in the devil. The interesting part of these questions is that sworn testimony in front of the US House of Representatives confirmed the existence of aliens, and there are absolutely people who practice witchcraft.

But what do you think these beliefs are like in Louisiana? Because it feels like those numbers are higher for sure. It would be very believable to say 80% of Louisiana residents believe in ghosts. As haunted as this state many folk tales as Louisiana has...all of these urban legends? You have to think those numbers in Louisiana are higher.

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