SHREVEPORT, LA - We have been discussing a noise ordinance in Shreveport for several months. The battle is still not over. The City Council is expected to vote in a couple of weeks on a new proposal to limit the decibel levels to 75. But that plan also has many opponents who claim it is still too loud.


A recent survey checked out noise in the nation and found the Bayou State has the loudest talkers in America. This study by Preply wanted to find out where we get the loudest while going about our daily business.

What's the Data Show About Louisiana?

Louisiana residents are the loudest talkers in America. Only 10% of Louisiana residents say locals are quiet.

Where Are We the Loudest?

This report says a third of us think people are way too loud in grocery stores. Haven't we all seen a Mom yelling at her kids in the grocery store? And when these pollsters talked to Louisiana residents, the locals agreed with the data saying folks in the Bayou State are probably among the loudest.

Florida is second on the list for loudness. And New Jersey is #3.


What States Are the Quietest?

You might be surprised to learn West Virginia, Tennessee, and Maine are among the quietest talkers in the country.

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How Was the Data Compiled?

Preply surveyed Americans to find out which cities and states have the loudest talkers. They asked which loud activities they are guilty of doing in public, which activities they find annoying, where people are the loudest, and more.

Do These Noises Bother You?


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