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Schools across Louisiana are starting the year this week and next. As many of these schools get back to class, COVID-19 is essentially behind them. The days of masking and constant testing are over.

But some Louisiana schools are still holding onto COVID policies. Its not just Louisiana either, as school systems in Kentucky and in Ohio, where remote learning is making a comeback too. 

However one of the schools districts with the most aggressive COVID policies in the nation is dropping nearly every single one of them. As the Los Angeles Unified Schools District has announced they are starting the school year with almost no guidelines. No masking, no testing for asymptomatic students, and students with close contacts will be tested instead of automatically quarantined.

So why the change? Why would one of the most aggressive COVID policies get kicked to essentially nothing? Because the school district lost a staggering number of students, around 20,000.

That loss of students means a loss of revenue for the district as well. So if you're losing tens of thousands of kids, and all of that funding, because of your COVID policies, you would probably change them too. Which would be a pretty solid explanation for the 180 degree change in policy.

As Louisiana schools see places like Los Angeles make these moves, they may want to consider some of the previous guidelines. Especially those who have required vaccines, because it looks like they may be opened up to some new legal issues as well.

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