What an amazing story. Crystal Cray stopped by the Brookshires on Line Avenue this week, but her visit to the store changed dramatically when she walked out to her car. She was approached by a man who snatched her purse.

But the story does not end there. Here's how Crystal describes what happened:

Today after getting off work I went to Brookshire’s on line to get groceries and cashed my check.. walked out of the store and some guy snatched my purse.. the reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to meet Juwone.. this young man chased the thief down and took some punches and got my purse back y’all!! Juwone is a real hero! I’m so very blessed by this awesome guy and so is the community! Let’s make him famous! If you go to Brookshire’s on line and see Juwone please shake his hand or even give him a huge hug!!

The suspect did run off and police are hunting for him today. Juwone Scott Jr. is going to be ok, but he's quite the hero in this story as he successfully got the purse back for Crystal.

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