Lately, I've been talking a lot about Shreveport's musical history. And why not? The list of artists that have called Shreveport home is nothing short of amazing. From Lead Belly to James Burton to Tillman Franks to the Seratones, the amount of talent to come through and from our fair city is nothing short of outstanding. But as successful as musical artists from our area have been, Shreveport has also produced a ton of amazing athletes.

Usually, when you think of Shreveport and sports, three names immediately come to mind: Terry Bradshaw, Robert Parish and David Toms. And yes, all three of those guys are awesome. But, Shreveport has produced everything from Super Bowl Champions to MLB all stars to Olympians. Here's just a quick run down of some of the highlights.

Evelyn Ashford: winner of sprint gold medals at the 1984, 1988 and 1992 Olympic

Alan Autry: Played in the NFL....but is mostly known for playing Bubba on "In the Heat of the Night" TV show.

Arnaz Battle, Notre Dame and NFL player

Albert Belle: Yes...the infamous Albert Belle is a Shreveport guy. He's a 5-time All-Star and probably should be in the Hall of Fame...but certain attitude problems have kept him out.

Terry Bradshaw: is there any write up needed, really?

Wendell Davis:  WR Fairpark HS, LSU, 1st round pick Chicago Bears 1988-95

Charlie Hennigan, football player for Houston Oilers

Jacob Hester: Played for several NFL teams including the Chargers and Broncos

Antawn Jamison: former NBA Star

David Allen Lee, punter for Baltimore Colts, 1966–1978

Robert Parish - professional basketball player, most notably with the Boston Celtics.

Hal Sutton, professional golfer, 1983 PGA Championship winner and 2004 Ryder Cup captain

Stromile Swift, NBA player, 2000-2009

David Toms, professional golfer, 2001 PGA Championship winner

Todd Walker: Former MLB 2nd Baseman. Had a solid career in the majors but most of his heroics came during his college days. Walker's LSU jersey is retired at Alex Box.

Vernon Wells: Centerfielder best known for his time roaming the outfield from the Blue Jays. 3x All-Star and 3x Golden Glove Winner

And before I wrap this up, lets not forget about the Young Bucks that are currently playing in the NFL or about to get drafted. Tre White, current star corner for the Buffalo Bills. Devin White, Greedy Williams and Jerry Tillery are all probably going to go in the first round in this year's NFL draft.

I'm sure I forgot some people like Trent Taylor, but I did say this was going to be a quick look.

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