The Shreveport Times has published a leaked email exchange between Mayor Adrian Perkins and Councilman John Nickelson. The interactions shows Perkins frustration with Nickelson's attempts to, as the Mayor describes it, "disrupt the operations of the City."

The exchange was kicked off because Nickelson asked for public records regarding the Billion dollars in contracts related to the city's federally mandated consent decree work. Nickelson previously stated he believes the previous administration had overlaps in the work and may have cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Perkins wrote, "You did a public records request to get information that was clearly still in the negotiations process. While the law does allow for you to have that information, I would have hoped that you would have had the common courtesy to directly reach out to get the requested documents." Perkins continued to say "through your prior actions and proposed legislation, you continuously work to dilute the authority of this office and dismantle the efforts of my administration."

Nickelson responded to the inflammatory email saying "I would not be doing my job as a Council member if I did not pay close attention to a contract that concerns the management of a billion-dollar capital improvement project – the largest in the city’s history"

However, Perkins disagreed with that notion, saying:  "To be very clear, this is not normal nor is it simply ‘doing your job."

You can read the full exchange on the Shreveport Times' website.

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