The trial is expected to begin today for one of the three suspects accused of killing Shreveport police officer Chateri Payne. 24-year-old Lawrence Pierre is accused of second-degree murder and conspiracy in her killing. Payne was killed outside her home on Midway Avenue in January of 2019 just as she was getting into her car to drive to work to report for her overnight shift.

Three Men Are Accused in the Killing of Police Office

Pierre and two other men, 41-year-old Glen Frierson and 29-year-old Tre’veon Anderson are also accused in this case. The Caddo District Attorney's Office on Tuesday filed amended indictments in their cases. Previously the three men were grouped together, but now Pierre has been singled out.

Pierre has pleaded not guilty. Anderson was Payne’s ex-boyfriend and he is suspected of arranging the murder. Payne and Anderson had a two-year-old daughter together, but Payne had just told him she was leaving him.

Jury selection is expected to start on Monday morning in Caddo District Court.

Caddo Correctional Bookings for 3/25/22-3/27/22

The following mugshots are those who were jailed in Caddo Correctional Center through the dates of 3/25 through 3/27. Some of the inmates have already been released from CCC, and some have not yet been to trial, and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

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