Senator John Kennedy, if nothing else, is always entertaining.  Love him or hate him, you have to credit his willingness to speak his mind, and usually in a pretty humorous way. Senator Kennedy now has a commercial running talking about how he never voted to defund the police. In his latest ad, Kennedy says, "Look, if you hate cops just because they're cops... the next time you get into trouble, call a crackhead."

One of Kennedy's political challengers, Gary Chambers, calls out Kennedy's latest message as racist. Chambers claims the ad is racist because it's directed at a certain subset of the population. Chambers says crack cocaine users are not the only ones responsible for the high crime rate in the state.

“And he didn’t say nothing about opioid addicts, meth addicts, none of that other stuff because he was trying to  talk about a specific subset of people that he don’t give a damn about  serving in Louisiana,” said Chambers.

This is the same Gary Chambers who ran a political ad espousing racial hatred by evoking "Jim Crow laws" and burning a confederate flag. The same Gary Chambers who lit up a huge marijuana blunt and smoked it during his political ad wanting to legalize marijuana in Louisiana.

This is the same Gary Chambers who ran another political ad showing a white woman going into a seedy motel for an abortion performed by a black 'doctor' who ends up apparently botching the abortion procedure, then slinks out of the room leaving her to die.

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