Former LSU football star Joe Burrow is busy working to get his Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl.
He is apparently preoccupied with practice and strategy in getting ready for this Sunday's road game at Buffalo on Sunday afternoon. The Bengals are 13-4 on the season while Buffalo is 14-3 and this will be a pivotal game on the road to the Super Bowl.

Joe Burrow

Burrow has been meeting regularly with the media to talk about the preparation and what he's working on to get ready for the Buffalo game. But he goofed up Wednesday when getting ready to meet the media. He put on the wrong jersey. The Heisman Trophy winner showed up at the media briefing wearing the wrong jersey. He slipped on backup QB Brandon Allen's jersey. Burrow told the reporters "it's been that type of day."


What Teams Are Battling for a Spot in the Super Bowl?

If Cincinnati can win this big game in Buffalo, they will take on the winner of the
Jacksonville Jaguars VS Kansas City Chiefs game. On the NFC side, Dallas is at San Francisco on Sunday evening. The New York Giants are at Philadelphia on Saturday night.

Super Bowl LVII will be played at State Farm Stadium in Arizona, on Sunday, Feb. 12. The game will air on FOX. Rihanna is one of the performers scheduled to perform at halftime during the big game.

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