State Attorney General Jeff Landry talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about his objections to Governor John Bel Edwards successful legal petition for a year-long stay of executions in Louisiana.

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Attorney General Jeff Landry is blaming Gov. John Bel Edwards for the continued delay of executions in Louisiana and has withdrawn his office from a lawsuit challenging the state's lethal injection protocol.

Landry, a Republican, has frequently traded barbs with the Democratic governor since the two took office in 2016. The latest flare-up comes after the Edwards administration successfully petitioned the court for a year-long extension of an order that now prohibits the state from carrying out any executions through at least July 2019, citing hurdles the state has faced in legally carrying out the death penalty. Louisiana last executed an inmate in 2010 and he volunteered.

And the Attorney General reiterates with KEEL listeners that he sees the Governor as "an obstacle to capital punishment":

Landry detailed in his two-page letter, which was also delivered to the Louisiana District Attorneys Association, Louisiana Sheriffs Association and Crimefighters of Louisiana, several executions that have taken place in other states in recent years.

"All of this begs the question that only you can answer: why do victims’ rights matter in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia but not in Louisiana?"


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